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Chengo Chinese
The joint project of E-language Learning System (ELLS) is originated from a bilateral MOU of E-Language Learning System (ELLS) signed by American Department of Education and the Chinese Ministry of Education on behalf of the two governments in Washington in October 2002.

Both parties are committed to collaboration in the development of Chinese and English online learning courseware mainly of animation, which has its Chinese name of "乘风" and English one of "Chengo". It takes the Olympics as the main theme, and language camps and home-stay life as its storyline, which presents 35 50-minute episodes.

Chengo Chinese is a multi-media Chinese learning system, which is lively, innovative, practical and scientific. It comes a result of the cooperation in the ELLS project between Chinese MOE and USED. A group of leading experts in linguistic pedagogy and technology are invited to participate in the project design and development according to the syllabi of two countries to cater for demands of middle school students in Chinese at the age of 12-18.

Chengo Chinese integrates multiple functions with advanced speech recognition and handwriting recognition technology, as well as intelligent feedback system. It provides flexible methods of study and varied modes of practice, which is helpful to enhance the learners' abilities.

Chengo Chinese is simple and spontaneous in design with lively characters. The stories are also enchanting, which makes the learning process entertaining with funny games.

Chengo Chinese provides vivid Chinese situations and deliberately chooses the pictures. It unfolds Chinese customs and modern cultures from different perspectives, thus serving as a window to China.

Elanguage.cn closely links the Chengo course with the Internet, providing comprehensive contents for Chinese learns with its various functions.

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